Unfair Competition

In a time when competition on the market is fiercer than ever, unfair competition practices is an everyday occurrence, with competitors trying to get the edge on the rest of the business with any means possible. The main forms of unfair competition practices are damaging the competitor himself, misleading the customers, as well as other actions that are generally contrary to fair business practices. Our team of professionals is prolific at representing our clients before the Commission for Protection of the Competition – the governing body for unfair competition and public procurements matters in Bulgaria. We can assist you with initiating or defending in procedures for establishing of unfair competition according to the Law on Protection of the Competition and representation before the Commission in connection to:

- damaging the reputation of a competitor;

- unlawful exploitation of the reputation of a trademark of the competitor;

- imitations - for example imitations of packaging, brandings or shape of the products, imitations of company names, trademarks or 

  geographical indications, imitations of domain names and website designs;

- misleading the customers - false, misleading or illegal comparative advertising.

- other forms of unfair competition - forcing the termination of contracts between a competitor and his clients, offering prizes connected 

  with a purchase or additions with a specific purchase, price dumping, etc.